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I hit pause on the new Justin Bieber video, and you won’t believe what I saw!

There is a note at the bottom about the title because I usually don’t use “catchy” titles such as the above, but just so you know I know its only with Justin Bieber.. Its more like a Jack Ü (Skrillex & Duplo) video with Justin Bieber and his shitty lip singing. Why so mumbly looking??

Taylor Swift and her Song Shake it off…

Hello World, I felt I was due for another post and have wanted to post about random thingsTaylor Swift’s stupid ******** song…, such as: Taylor Swift – Shake it Off Taylor Swift – Shake It Off I had heard this on the radio when it came out when ever that was (Sometime in August?), and

She’s so good, the Judges thought she was cheating!

Firstly I just want to say wow, what a magnificent voice Aida Nikolaychuk has! I can’t understand the words that are coming out of her mouth, but I definitely enjoy the way they sound with her voice in my earholes. Now with that possibly awkward sentence being done, I just can’t believe how good she

Spotfiy Canada – Free Codes

Hello fellow internet user, if you are reading this than there is a chance that you are interested in gaining a Free Spotify Canada Code. Well to possibly obtain one is pretty simple, but let me see if I can’t complicate the process. Since I don’t want to just share them here, to obtain one

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