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Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Beta Information and Review

Gears of War has announced Gears of War Ultimate Edition and Gears 4 at this years E3 along with a playable multiplayer beta for Gears of War Ultimate Edition. On top of the release I have learned random things from listening to random E3 live interviews in the background of working. Gears 4: Her name

The Steam Monster Summer Sale has its own discount-unlocking minigame | via GamesRadar

Kind of just opened Steam to see what it was all about and ended up clicking for a while.. Simple things are some times the most addicting. So if you have a moment to spare between purchasing games, be sure to hop on and eliminate some bad guys. Help meet the milestones to unlock more

Need For Speed (Underground 3?)

I have always been a fan of the Need For Speed series and have played most of them (but I owned all of them at one point, and hopefully will again to complete the collection.) I had “Most Wanted” for the 360 (the re-release), but still have the original Most Wanted release on the Xbox,

2015 March Lootcrate – Theme: Covert(Ops)! Some sweet exclusives!

Soo this is my second Loot Crate, and I can’t seem to type today, so bear with me here… This Loot Crate had me more intrigued than the first one, based off of the theme (Play Vs. Covert). Covert Ops, Spies, Ninjas, and anything to do with this kind of genre always sparks my interests.

Xbox One: February Update, Game Hub; Controller, Party Chat & TV Update

This update added Game Hubs to the system, which is an improvement on the achievements board of before. The Game Hub will allow you to view information broken down by game with some games showing more/less than others. I like that when you go to a Game Hub you can see tons of information for

Karma: The Wellness Water Story, Healthy, Misleading or just a Waste?

So I was passing my fridge when I realized I was pretty thirsty and wanted something tasty, so when I opened the fridge I saw some “Karma® Wellness Water” so I grabbed “Mind” the Orange Mango Flavour because that sounded delicious and I usually enjoy flavours that contain Orange. I then noticed that it isn’t

Closed Beta Signups now Available for Neverwinter

Looking for some type of Free Game? While a Beta could be considered that! However I guess that is not the point here, where I wanted to start was. Have you ever heard of Neverwinter? Because I did not know what it was until sometime last week. And then a few days later I had

Free Codes of sorts, including: Xbox Gold Trials and Digital Movies

So the other day I came across a bunch of codes for starting an Xbox Trial ranging from 2 days to 14 days. Stuck within these was an Xbox Avatar Clothing item code for the Halo Spartan 4 Armor for both Female and Male avatars. I however know I used the Male code, but am

Spotfiy Canada – Free Codes

Hello fellow internet user, if you are reading this than there is a chance that you are interested in gaining a Free Spotify Canada Code. Well to possibly obtain one is pretty simple, but let me see if I can’t complicate the process. Since I don’t want to just share them here, to obtain one

Lego Mini-fgure Series 7 Bumpcode/Cheat sheet, Ramblings, and Updates

Lego Mini-fgure Series 7 Bumpcode/Cheat sheet, Ramblings, and Updates

Well here we are once again with more Mini Figures from that awesome company we all know as Lego. Now when I saw them I was asking myself, “Do I get them now or do I get them in a few days?” because it was inevitable that I was going to get them, obviously.. So

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