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I hit pause on the new Justin Bieber video, and you won’t believe what I saw!

There is a note at the bottom about the title because I usually don’t use “catchy” titles such as the above, but just so you know I know its only with Justin Bieber.. Its more like a Jack Ü (Skrillex & Duplo) video with Justin Bieber and his shitty lip singing. Why so mumbly looking??

Grand Theft Auto in Real Life

  I was just going about my day when my Boss linked me to this video and I thought that this was worth sharing. GTA is a hugely successful franchise by Rockstar that people love and spend many hours of their life playing. This video is basically an awesomely done real life version of grand

Need For Speed (Underground 3?)

I have always been a fan of the Need For Speed series and have played most of them (but I owned all of them at one point, and hopefully will again to complete the collection.) I had “Most Wanted” for the 360 (the re-release), but still have the original Most Wanted release on the Xbox,

One of the Shittiest Price is Right Prizes?

Hello, viewers of the internet… Randomly coming across this while on my lunch break I just wanted to share it and say WOW… This has got to be one of the shittiest prices I have seen on this show because of the CITY that was chosen. I get that the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald is supposed

2015 March Lootcrate – Theme: Covert(Ops)! Some sweet exclusives!

Soo this is my second Loot Crate, and I can’t seem to type today, so bear with me here… This Loot Crate had me more intrigued than the first one, based off of the theme (Play Vs. Covert). Covert Ops, Spies, Ninjas, and anything to do with this kind of genre always sparks my interests.

February 2015 – Lootcrate – Theme: Play!

So I decided to get a Lootcrate and I am going to go to sleep, but if you are here reading this then check back later or register to get emails upon new posts and I will notify you when I update this page 😀 The registration box to receive emails is in the sidebar

Xbox One: February Update, Game Hub; Controller, Party Chat & TV Update

This update added Game Hubs to the system, which is an improvement on the achievements board of before. The Game Hub will allow you to view information broken down by game with some games showing more/less than others. I like that when you go to a Game Hub you can see tons of information for

How I can relate to Workaholics, via the Butt Crack.

So at some point earlier today or earlier tonight after I showered soon after I had put my boxers on I thought to myself “Wow… I think I have a tall butt crack, maybe I am in the wrong profession and I should have become a plumber.” Then a bit later (sooner to the present

Limbo – Wrong Way Achievement/Trophy

When you first get up, go backwards (left) and hit the edge of the level. Boom ACHIEVEMENT worth 70 gamerscore. One of the easiest 70 you will ever get… Here is a video if you need to see it in action 😀 I put a bit of a story to it. Maybe if I play

Latest Patch for Halo: The Master Chief Collection

I myself am a Halo fan (even though I haven’t played as much lately) and am always excited about updates and patches. Without updates or patches there would be nothing new and nothing fixed. Mind you, people would argue about how broken the game is or was, but you know what, life isn’t perfect. Something

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