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Fable Legends will be FREE!

Yes, the title is not lying “Game Director David Eckelberry takes some time to talk about todays announcement that Fable Legends will be free to play!”

To summarize, the game will be free to download.
The game will be free to play.
You will level up.
They will probably make money with micro transactions for the cool stuff to pay back to the developers/company.

Here is the announcement video from David Eckelberry:

I think that this is cool because I have always liked the play style and feel of Fable, but with Fable 3 bringing down my view and then not touching it any new Fables after(that Kinect one is the one I am stabbing at) I hope this one isn’t a train wreck. Let’s hope this game is at least some what as good as I am at writing really long sentences or trailing off track really easily.

I mean I recently got my first Lootcrate for February. Pretty cool stuff.

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