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Lego Mini-fgure Series 5 Bumpcode/Cheat sheet // It’s been a while

Well hello there..

Internet… It’s been a while.. A long while.. Almost rounding up to a year.. Didn’t even have a HAPPY CANADA DAY POST.. filled with Igloo’s and the likings..
On top of the sheet I have below, under my mini-figure speech of tardiness.. I will put some pictures of the minifgures as I have them.. If anyone cares to check that out… Just wanted to get this sheet up before I went to bed.. blah blah blah.. >>>

All I really have to say is I looked for a cheat sheet and on images I found a few, but they were completely wrong.. So I just decided to decipher all of them for myself and as I unpackaged (This is not a word according to this, but that is okay…) them I marked them on a piece of paper as a guide.. This is just a crappy camera picture as to use the scanner would require far too much work.. I will take what I have here and put it into a better format using Photoshop later today (tomorrow, depending on how you view it (Wednesday September 07)) sometime in the evening… Sometime around the/on the weekend… It’s HERE… The only one that didn’t seem to be completely clear was the Eskimo as I saw 4 different packages that seemed to have different bump codes, but I ended up with 4 Eskimo’s and had to go back to search for the 4 I was missing…

Note: The Eskimo has one bump in the bottom left corner, and in the top right corner.. I also found a clearer package which shows it has to more bumps on the right half in the middle.. You can see I marked it a lot lighter than the rest..

If you have any corrections for me let me know..


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