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One of the Shittiest Price is Right Prizes?

Hello, viewers of the internet… Randomly coming across this while on my lunch break I just wanted to share it and say WOW… This has got to be one of the shittiest prices I have seen on this show because of the CITY that was chosen. I get that the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald is supposed to be a really nice place to stay, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is still Edmonton..

Maybe I just have this instant thought about it being a shitty prize because what is there really to do in this city? Go to the (sub-par) Zoo, visit West Edmonton Mall, and maybe a few small other “iconic” locations in the city? Seriously though, this could all be done on Day 1, and maybe Day 2 if you stretch it out.

Maybe her trip includes more places around the City, which would make it much better, but most places worth going are a 3+ hour drive away… Like Lake Louise which is within Banff (This is a really nice place… Not Edmonton).

Which brings me to the mis-leading part of things.. Lake Louise (the very first image shown with the nice body of water and mountains..) is not part of Edmonton or the Hotel mentioned. I am not sure how much a trip to just the hotel would cost, but maybe some of that cost includes a day trip to Lake Louise? I don’t know what it will be, but she is in for a shitty surprise to come to a construction filled city that will probably stink compared to where she is from (I just believe the quality of air is shittier here, but Cities tend to do that…)

Maybe this is just Karma for her doing the good ol’ Last Price + 1. $1201 please. HAHA BITCH I WIN! AND THEN I WON A TRIP BITCH! (But seriously I hope the person she did + 1 to got up there and won a better prize hahaha)

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