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How I can relate to Workaholics, via the Butt Crack.

So at some point earlier today or earlier tonight after I showered soon after I had put my boxers on I thought to myself “Wow… I think I have a tall butt crack, maybe I am in the wrong profession and I should have become a plumber.” Then a bit later (sooner to the present

Karma: The Wellness Water Story, Healthy, Misleading or just a Waste?

So I was passing my fridge when I realized I was pretty thirsty and wanted something tasty, so when I opened the fridge I saw some “Karma® Wellness Water” so I grabbed “Mind” the Orange Mango Flavour because that sounded delicious and I usually enjoy flavours that contain Orange. I then noticed that it isn’t

Limbo – Wrong Way Achievement/Trophy

When you first get up, go backwards (left) and hit the edge of the level. Boom ACHIEVEMENT worth 70 gamerscore. One of the easiest 70 you will ever get… Here is a video if you need to see it in action 😀 I put a bit of a story to it. Maybe if I play

Latest Patch for Halo: The Master Chief Collection

I myself am a Halo fan (even though I haven’t played as much lately) and am always excited about updates and patches. Without updates or patches there would be nothing new and nothing fixed. Mind you, people would argue about how broken the game is or was, but you know what, life isn’t perfect. Something

Closed Beta Signups now Available for Neverwinter

Looking for some type of Free Game? While a Beta could be considered that! However I guess that is not the point here, where I wanted to start was. Have you ever heard of Neverwinter? Because I did not know what it was until sometime last week. And then a few days later I had

Free Codes of sorts, including: Xbox Gold Trials and Digital Movies

So the other day I came across a bunch of codes for starting an Xbox Trial ranging from 2 days to 14 days. Stuck within these was an Xbox Avatar Clothing item code for the Halo Spartan 4 Armor for both Female and Male avatars. I however know I used the Male code, but am

#GivingTuesday with #ExtraLife – #GreatGiving #Unselfie

Today (December 2, 2014) is Giving Tuesday, so help by donating to help heal sick and injured kids with #ExtraLife and #ChildrensMiracleNetworkHospitals Donate Here or go to: http://extralife.ev4sion.com All Donations are appreciated 😀

Play music on Mobile, purchased from Google Play Store

I was recently asked “How do I play my music on my phone that I downloaded via Google Play?” (It was asked in more words, and through more complication though. Haha). Now I have never done such a thing, so I went in and downloaded a FREE song, which was surprisingly “Get Lucky” by Daft

Fundraising with Extra-Life!

Make a Donation! I am on a fun but important mission to save the lives of kids in my community through Extra Life. Extra Life is a celebration of the social impact of gamers like me, that benefits Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Fable Legends Beta

Lets get right to it. Step 3 contains the link. You need these things: Xbox Account Some kind of Interest in Fable

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