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Talk about Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (May contain Spoilers)

A talk about “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li” (May Contain spoilers)
So I have a friend who saw Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun
First off I would like to say:
This movie looked like it was going to suck because in the title it implies the story is about Chun-Li.. I do not dislike that character just the fact that Kristin Kreuk was playing her.. First thing about her.. SHE DOESN’T EVEN LOOK CHINESE???? WTF and secondly her upside down kick was apparently horrible.. and I guess thirdly I just never liked her much probably because of smallville..

The following are quotes of my friend and his thoughts.
Out of no where he said “So STREETFIGHER SUCKED BALLS” which started this whole thing…

“Chris Klein from american pie is a fucking cop in it, like WHAT THE FUCK!”
“You can’t take that guy seriously ”
“It was terrible acting”

I asked about main characters in the game and what not and he said:
“Ryu was talked about at the end”
“Bullrog was in it”
“Vince vega” ; “You see him for like 10 seconds and its done”
“Seriously though you see a glimpse of him near the start… you see his weapon, then later on she kills him, and you see about 10 seconds of him, hes dead, and no more”
“such a shit movie”

I than asked for a couple of lines about his thoughts and this is what I got..
“My thoughts on Streetfighter. Like most of my fellow capcom fans, We’re use to a certin degree of awesomeness, and unfortunately this movie did not deliver anything. The movie had terrible acting, terrible is to kind of a word, the acting made me want to punch a small baby. Other characters in the movie, like vince vega, who seen about 45 seconds of screen time, and other likes Detective Nash. Played by american pie costar Chris Klein, This movie is horrible in every way, I advise you not to watch, and save your money, the only good thing about this movie, is that i’ll never have to see it again.”

We also talked about the credits because there is Char / Char (Japan) played by the same person or w/e
you can check for yourself Here
To this he says:

This in all said.. I do not want to watch this movie in witch I did want to watch and I say.. Don’t waste your money either..
If you have to say other wise and can back up your decision let me know… Leave a comment or contact me in means of links around the website…

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  1. G_Sand-erz G_Sand-erz
    March 4, 2009    

    Lawl… This made me laugh pretty hard. I must agree though. It was a terrible movie! TERRIBLE!!

  2. Ev4sIoN Ev4sIoN
    March 5, 2009    

    Now I want to see it just to see what all the anti-hype is about

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