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Taylor Swift and her Song Shake it off…

Hello World, I felt I was due for another post and have wanted to post about random thingsTaylor Swift’s stupid ******** song…, such as:

  • Taylor Swift – Shake it Off

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

I had heard this on the radio when it came out when ever that was (Sometime in August?), and honestly did not know it was even Taylor Swift. I had thought that this song was sung by some random girl on generic radio who would probably have a few catchy “hits” and this was one of them. Now I say “hits” because they are usually popular and overplayed on any radio station that plays it, but doesn’t mean it is “good”. With that said, I found out about a month (so 2000 listens thanks to the radio) that it was Taylor Swift cause I actually read the name on my FM Tuner in the good ol’ car. I was shocked … Shocked because I didn’t think she would have something like this crap. Okay so I realized while saying that, that I would expect crappy crap from her..

Now getting to this song, I thought that it was catchy and I like saying “Haters gonna hate”, so that part kind of stuck out and the tune was catchy. When I started to listen to the song I realized more and more that it was shit. SHIT filled with her life story put into a format of even more SHIT.. Like in the middle or wherever when she talks about her EX bringing a GIRL and obviously she’s a jealous *Insert ANY WORD HERE* so she dances with a random guy because he has good(or whatever word she uses) hair. So based on nice hair, she will shake it with you. Wow, Im done.

So when I first heard the song I would say it was a 6/10 because it was catchy. After listening to it so many times (thanks to the radio, really need to update my iPod), and actually hearing the words it went from a 6 to a 3. And that’s just cause I feel like I can’t justify anything lower at this point.

Also watching the video DID NOT HELP… Everyone in this fricken video needs to EAT SOME MEAT, seriously, I can see too many ribs, and I don’t mean the delicious MEAT, which maybe they should all EAT!

Here is the video, if you feel like wasting your time. If you made it this far… :

Initial Rating:

Final Rating:

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